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A potted history of the imposing properties in Wareside

Our Parish has been home to many over the years and there is a fascination about the historical homes and the landowners who have invested in building imposing homes homes dotted around the landscape, which have in turn not only boasted their position in society but in turn our landscape. Many re-routing roads to improve privacy or preferred routes for the pleasure of a hack on horseback.


What is now Palladian style building designed by Raymond Erith, a renowned classical architect in the 1950's, was originally two 17th century cottages which were joined together and extended a century later. The large fish pond is known as 'the moat'.

The property remains a private residence and can only be seen from beyond the gates of this imposing family home.

People in Park


Now an hotel with extensive function rooms started out as a medieval farm house. In the 18th century it was replaced by a three storey building with bay windows, made by the William Morris Factory.

It wasn't until 1900 that Anne Benyon Croft, nee Page, began rebuilding in a neo-Jacobean style and continued to transform the gardens. under her direction a Japanese garden was created, using gardeners from Japan which took 2 years to complete.

Her final alteration was the re-routing of Fanhams Hall Lane gaining greater privacy while also allowing her to create the imposing gatehouse which provides a dramatic entrance to the house/hotel.

Why not pop in enjoy the gardens, soak up the history and enjoy afternoon tea?

European City Street


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Park in the Fall


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Green Branch in Lake
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