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a wildlife haven

Sited in the heart of the village is what is  believed to be an old orchard at Larkshill, adjacent to the village green next to the Chequers pub.

Wareside Parish Council completed the acquisition of Larkshill in 2020. This was achieved through the generosity of the trustees of the estate of the late Robert Gosnell who gifted the land to the Parish in memory of Mr Gosnell and his late wife.

The site was previously an unused parcel of land for many years and as a consequence has become a haven for nesting birds and other wildlife. Since the acquisition, Wareside Parish Council have had ground works undertaken to clear the space for community benefit, while retaining the natural habitat needed for our local wildlife.

Larkshill has a boundary hedge of hawthorn and blackthorn, which by their very thorny names mean they have sharp thorns which can get caught on your clothing if you get too close, but they provide safe nesting sites for birds. Throughout the grassy areas there are wildflowers - cowslips, primroses, poppies and more, some of which are toxic if eaten. In order to sustain certain species of butterfly like, the Peacock relies on suitable plants for their larvae's food, so beware there are stinging nettles here too!

You may see purple-headed thistles, which are a vital pollen source for all the bumblebees, honeybees, hoverflies and all the other pollinators seeking food over the summer months. The evening primrose is a much-loved nectar source for the moths, which come out here at night alongside the bats.

Throughout Larkshill there are lots of old apple trees which indicate that it was once an orchard. Apple trees are hosts to a wide variety of insects and the blossoms provide much needed pollen and nectar for pollinators.

Larkshill is home to all sorts of native birds, and here you will see familiar favourites like robins and blackbirds, but why not try out the mini hide and see what else is living here at Larkshill?

We hope you enjoy this little parcel of community space to rest after a walk, enjoy a picnic with friends, or to just to sit and watch the wildlife.

Your four legged companions are welcome. To keep children and wildlife safe,  PLEASE use the free poo bags to clean up after them and dispose of responsibly, in the bin or take home with you. Thank you.

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