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Little Oak Heath


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Location: Can be accessed via Kingham Road and/or Appleton Avenue, Wareside

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Wareside Parish Council began working on the provision of Little Oak Heath in 2013 and in 2022 secured a long term lease from East Herts District Council. During this time Little Oak Heath has evolved to meet the requests of the parish community while preserving the space for wildlife.

The children's playground was created in 2017 to provide a secure and safe place to play and includes swings and slides suitable for younger children. While the football pitch, complete with nets, helps to keep our younger population fit and entertained. Allotments thrive, managed by local residents creating a likeminded community of veg growers.

Located on the Hertfordshire Way it includes a natural pond which has been cleared of detritus and is evolving into a habitat for wildlife. There is a boundary hedge of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Ash and Oak trees where a mix of birds including Linnets can be seen, as can Red Kites, Buzzards and the resident Barn Owl if you are lucky.

Throughout the grassy areas there are wildflowers, such as Cowslips and Bee Orchids and others such as Poppies have been sown. An orchard was planted in winter 2021 and a red oak tree in 2022 as part of the Queens Canopy as part of an ongoing tree planting initiative by the Parish Council, which will hopefully in time provide a diverse environment to be enjoyed by all. The land is managed in a way to encourage native species and pathways are mown regularly but many areas remain wild for the benefit of the natural ecosystems.

We hope you enjoy this parcel of community green space as you walk through Wareside, watch your children at play, enjoy a picnic with family and/or friends. Or just as a place to sit, relax and watch the world go by.

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