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the Buntingford railway line

In 1863 the Buntingford railway line, which connected Buntingford with St. Margarets was officially opened. The local station was named 'Mardock' and if you walk the old line it is possible to still see traces of the station.

It survived for 100 years serving the rural economy with the transportation of people and goods. It's demise came with the electrification of the Hertford East line and fell victim to Beeching's cuts in 1963 and the line closed in 1964. 

Now you can walk much of the line through Wareside, although beyond what was Widford station (now the coal yard) it becomes harder to trace on foot. While driving through the village you may also spot the relocated and preserved original Signal Box.

In its heyday various stations along the line were used as locations in British films. You can travel the Bunt, just click on the link below

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