Wareside Parish Council undertakes projects to improve the village and add value for residents. Below you will see the projects that have been completed, we hope you have noticed this work in the village and it has given you or a member of your family enjoyment.

If you have an idea of a project you wish the Council to undertake please do let us know!

Little Oak Heath

The Parish Council rent this piece of land behind Kingham Road from East Herts District Council.


The Parish Council wish to make use of this land for the good of the community and have therefore established allotments and built a playground as well as cut paths for dog walkers.


Further conservation work will begin in 2018.

Wareside Playground

Councillor Gas Sheraidah has worked tirelessly for the last 30 years to bring a playground to Wareside.


Thanks to donations from EHDC, Network Homes, the Lottery Fund and Wareside Parish Council his hard work paid off and the playground was opened in the Summer of 2017.

Wareside Allotments

Villagers expressed a need for allotments in the village so the Council decided to allocate land on Little Oak Heath for the allotments and they are now thriving. If you would like more information on having an allotment please contact us.

Wareside Bus Shelter

Wareside residents expressed a need for a Bus Shelter at the bus stop opposite Kingham Road in order to make waiting for the bus more comfortable, especially in bad weather.


Thanks to Councillor Paul Goodman's hard work East Herts District Council installed a bus shelter.

Wareside Noticeboard

Wareside Parish Council decided that a new noticeboard was necessary to display activities of the Council and village.


The new Parish Council noticeboard has now been put up in the Bus Shelter opposite Kingham Road, there are also two noticeboards for village notices.

Wareside War Memorial Restoration

Thanks to a successful application to East Herts District Council, Wareside Parish Council were awarded a grant to restore the War Memorial. 

The Memorial was cleaned and brickwork replaced in time for Armistice Day.

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