Neighbourhood Planning

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a way for local people to influence the planning and development of the area in which they live and work. It lasts for 15 years and should:

  • Develop a shared vision for the Parish

  • Choose where new homes and other developments may be built

  • Influence the type of development

  • Identify and protect important local green spaces or other treasured assets.


Once approved, our plan will have legal force in setting out what development is acceptable in our Parish and for what reasons. Local authority planners will have to take notice of it. Without a Neighbourhood Plan, we will have little control over any development that takes place, and will receive less community funds from those developments.

We can influence development, not stop it altogether

East Hertfordshire District Council has recently adopted a District Plan, which is currently being inspected. If approved the Neighbourhood Plan must comply.

The Plan will give us the opportunity to choose where that development should happen and what it should look like, in line with the needs priorities and aspiration of the people who live here. It will also allow us to protect areas of the Parish, for example, special green spaces which we want to keep and improve.


Wareside Parish Council would like to know if Parishioners think Wareside should have a Neighbourhood Plan.


Ware North development

The recently adopted District Plan outlines a large development on the outskirts of Ware, this is outlined in chapter nine. Eighty percent of the land for this development resides in Wareside Parish.

Wareside Parish Council are investigating options to influence this development, one of which could be developing a Neighbourhood Plan, another could be inputting into the Master-plan, a document produced by East Herts District Council and the development promoters.